Team Quraysh

Surah Quraysh [106] ()

For the covenants (of security and safeguard enjoyed) by the Quraish,
Their covenants (covering) journeys by winter and summer,
Let them adore the Lord of this House,
Who provides them with food against hunger, and with security against fear (of danger).

Final (10:00 AM-11:00 AM)
  1 2 T
Ash-Shams (5-2-0) 21 19
Quraysh (3-5-0) 15 18
  Ash-Shams Quraysh
Pts Raza 21 Yusuf 13
Reb Raza 7 Ali Mahomed 5
Box Score Recap
Team Leaders
Points Shuaib Yusuf 12.0
3-Pointers Shuaib Yusuf 1.1
Rebounds Suleiman Ali Mahomed 6.8
Complete Team Statistics