I.C.O.P. - Online Resources - Basketball May 8, 2008

ESPN's Power of Hoops - Four stories showing how basketball continues to be used to positively influence the less fortunate.

Right to Play - Uses specially-designed sport and play programmes to improve health, build life skills, and foster peace for children and communities affected by war, poverty, disease.

Peace Players International - Blends together proven theories of social modeling, conflict resolution and public diplomacy to operate basketball and life-skills programs in historically divided regions that bring together thousands of children from different religious, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

Montreal Muslim Basketball - Not sure what the acronym stands for but is a fun and welcoming league with player stats, etc.

Muslim Youth Basketball Association (MYBA) - Located in Houston Texas.

NBA.com- Official site of the National Basketball Association.

Basketball Canada - Official site of Basketball Canada.

Basketball Ontario - Official site of Basketball Ontario.

Dimemag - Provides daily smack, blogs, etc on NBA and college basketball.

Inside Hoops - Provides daily rumours NBA and college basketball.


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