I.C.O.P. - Online Resources - Advocacy May 9, 2008

"Toronto 18" Documentary - It is important as a concerned Canadian citizen, to find out for ourselves and ensure that justice is served. Our commitment to the rule of law is tested in our ability to apply it to the hardest of cases.

CAIR-CAN - Council on American-Islamic Relations CANADA, through activism in the areas of media relations, anti-discrimination and political advocacy, aims to educate Canadians and empower Canadian Muslims.

Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) - Independent voice of Canada's Muslims. Sign up for e-letter. Offers scholarship program for university students in journalism, law, etc.

Islamic Society of North America - ISNA Canada is committed to nurturing a way of life in the light of the guidance from the Qur'an and Sunnah for establishing a vibrant presence of Muslims in Canada.

Islamic Circle of North America - ICNA has many projects, programs, and activities which are designed to help in the process of molding the individual and reforming society at large.

Faisal Kutty - Respected lawyer that speaks out on important community-related issues.


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