Team Tamjeed

Kalima Tamjeed [0] (Glorification of Allah)

Sub-haa-nal-laa-hi, wal ham-dul-lil-laa hi,
wa-laa 'i-laa-ha 'il-lal-laa-hu, wal-laa-hu ak-bar
wa-laa haw-la wa-laa quwwa-ta 'il-laa bil-laa-hil 'a-liy-yil 'a-zeem

Glory be to Allah, All praise be to Allah.
There is none worthy of worship besides Allah and Allah is the greatest.
There is no Power and Might except from Allah. The most High - The Great.

Final (2:00 PM-3:00 PM)
  1 2 T
Tamjeed (10-4-0) 26 23
Zilzal (8-6-0) 29 28
  Tamjeed Zilzal
Pts Henriques 16 Rana 19
Reb Morgan 7 Hakim 14
Box Score Recap
Team Leaders
Points Jason Wray 12.8
3-Pointers Mohamed Abdurbo 1.2
Rebounds Chris Bewhey 8.1
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