Final (1:00 PM-2:00 PM) Saturday, Feb 3, 2007
  1 2 T
Humazah (4-3-0) 31 33 64
Kawthar (6-2-0) 32 38 70

Cramped Quarters Feb 8, 2007
by Teepu Khawja  

Two teams that featured a lot of big men, leaving little space for other players on the court. Al-Fil had Chris Johnson and Andrew Nelson while Sharh had Usman and Ibrahim T. When these two teams first met, Sharh won 69-58, but this time Al-Fil would benefit from having Andrew in their line-up as he has been playing extremely well over the last few weeks. As expected, Chris and Andrew played significant roles in this game, teaming up for 16 of the team's 20 halftime points. As a result of the unbalanced scoring, it was no surprise that Sharh found itself up 26-20 at half, as they managed to get 5 players on the stat sheet. Sharh was lead by 9 points by Ibrahim B and Al-Fil was lead by Chris Johnson with 12 points.

In the 2nd half, Al-Fil got an offensive pick-up from Deon Brown as he knocked in 8 pts after being held scoreless in the 1st half, and Chris J and Andrew kept on doing their thing. Unfortunately for Al-Fil, they didn't manage to stop Sharh's other role players from scoring tic-tac points here and there and those points ended up being huge in such a tight affair. In the end, Al-Fil lost 59-54 and are left to wonder about those time they left Anthony (4pts) and Humza (2pts) and Isa (6pts) open for buckets. Sharh moves onto 7-0 and will face Kawthar in the semis.